MacStories shortcuts icons

Does anyone have this? Do you like it? I’m on the fence about buying it but they look pretty cool.

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I do have it and find it useful! I am going back to having shortcuts on my homescreen and a lot of the icons built in don’t really work for me, this way I can actually represent the app properly :slight_smile:

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They’re excellent value and look great

I got them. No regrets but the one real hang up for me is they don’t sync. So if I want to use one on my iPhone and iPad I have to manually set it on both. Not a huge problem but I do find it annoying. Of course that’s a Shortcuts issue and not an issue with these particular icons.

Thanks. I will buy them. But that sucks they don’t sync.

Surely that is expected and desired behaviour for home screen launched Shortcuts? Notably because different screen sizes and OSes require different set-up.

I bought them day 1 and I love them. I wish there were more, but I’m greedy. (I’d like some emoji ones, specifically. If you agree let @viticci know :smiley:).

That would be cool to get some Emojis

in my case I don’t mind if they don’t sync to the home screen, but I would like it if they synced within shortcuts itself. So that if I want to put one on the home screen of more than once device I don’t have to re-set it up for each

Just put them in iCloud Drive via files app?

Doesn’t that just make them available on any device to use in the set-up? I think Brent is wanting to have i*OS13 remember which custom icon he has already associated with a home screen shortcut(?) to run a Shortcuts shortcut.

Exactly. and again, not at all the vault of Viticci. I happily paid for the icons and I am using a few that I don’t run on my home screens on both devices.

Right, but that is an iOS/Shortcuts issue that has nothing to do with the icons. It would be true with any image you wanted to use.

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Indeed, but he was wanting that something else around synchronicity of association, not files (or a sync’d album in photos).