MacSparky Print to PDF shortcut but attach to email instead of save

HI all,
I need to share certain tabs of an excel sheet but not all. I know how to save them using David’s cmd-P+P and use it often. I don’t need to save these PDFs- just email them.
Within the print dialog box under the PDF menu this option exists (to send via Mail).
How can I create a shortcut to do that instead?
I have keyboard shortcut, Alfred, Better Touch Tool but unfortunately no skills to figure this out!
Can anybody help? Thanks in advance

@Dannyre you need to add a keyboard shortcut for ‘Send in Mail’

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts

Click on +
Make sure All Applications is selected
Menu Title: Send in Mail
Type the keyboard shortcut you would like to use for this (eg, ⌘M)

That’s it. Now, rather than ⌘P ⌘P, you would type ⌘P ⌘M

I hope that helps – jay

Can’t wait to try! Thank you