Macro for saving original image source from Google search results page in one click?

Use case: I download images from Google image search results. I make sure to save the original image source, not the compressed preview image that appears in the results, but there are too many steps IMHO:

Step 1: Click image in the search result

Step 2: Right-click the image in the right-hand side menu that appears to display contextual menu

Step 3: Select “Open Image in New Tab” from contextual menu

Step 4: Select new tab where the image has opened

Step 5: Right-click on image to display contextual menu

Step 6: Select “Save image as…” from contextual menu

Step 7: Click “Save” in the “Save as” popped-up dialogue window

I want a macro that collapses this into one step and just saves the damn image with its original name in a pre-determined destination folder. The ideal trigger would be “command + shift + click” on the image from the Google image results page.

I’ve tried Apple Scripts and I’m new Keyboard Maestro. Can anyone help me out here?

This macro will more or less automate Steps 2–6. You’ll still have to select the image you want to download, and you’ll still have to decide on where to save it and under what name.

It uses Keyboard Maestro’s amazing “Click at Found Image” action to find the set of sharing icons in the right half of the window and right-clicks on the image above it.

Unlike your by-hand system, it opens the original image in a new window instead of a new tab, so it doesn’t have to figure out which tab the image is in.

It pauses while the Save As sheet is open to let you pick the name and folder for saving the image and then closes the window it opened when you’re done.

At least, it does all those things on my computer. Hope it does the same for you.

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I can not seem to get the link to the macro to work?

My mistake. I gave it an sftp URL instead of https. Try it again by right-clicking the link and downloading the file. It may be saved with an .xml extension; if so, delete that extension so the full file name is

Save Google Search Image Original.kmmacros

Thanks. I will try to use it.