macOS widget Access to the calendar is not granted. Grant access from the system settings, no prompt?

I know it still is in beta, but removing the calendar works like a charm, so I was wondering if it would be possible to allow Scriptable access to the calendar.

I’m not getting a prompt and in System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy, doesn’t list Scriptable. And I see no way of adding it manually.

Error on line 13:39: Access to the calendar is not granted. Grant access from the system settings.

Have you tried running the script to get the prompt in the app rather than in a widget?

Yep, that was it! Thanks

I was a bit to early to celebrate. The access has now been fixed, but within the widget none of my items get ‘printed’.

When I run the script manually everything works as expected, but when in the notification area none of my items show up.

Could you share your script? I’d like to see how you implemented the calendar portion.

I can.

Here the module I use in my widget Scriptable/_Widget Calendar.js at master · mvaneijgen/Scriptable · GitHub

And here my widget it self (you can disalbe modules you don’t need)

Everywhere this work fine, iPadOS, iOS, and macOS, except for the widget in the notification center

I tested your script on both iOS and macOS. It seems to be exactly as you described: the only place where no calendar events are returned is in the Notification Center on macOS. It works perfectly everywhere else. I can’t find any flaws in your code. (I also did some more direct testing of the CalendarEvent methods that you’re using to get the calendar events; they are returning empty arrays. I didn’t test the rest of the event retrieval methods exhaustively, but those that I did test seem to have the same issue.)

Unfortunately, I think this is just a beta bug that we’ll have to wait for Simon to fix. I can’t think of any way around the issue. Time to submit feedback.

Thanks, I thought it was me. Yeah, I fixed it for now by placing the normal calendar widget in my notification center, because there is enough space on my desktop screen.

Is there a dedicated macOS bug report channel? I don’t need it fixed this instance, but would love to write up a report on how to reproduce it and just log it some where.

I don’t know of a dedicated feedback channel for the Scriptable for Mac beta, but I suppose you could send feedback to the email in the app.