macOS Shortcut to convert Word doc to PDF

Does anyone have any good macOS Shortcuts for converting Word docs to PDF? I would Google it, but can you imagine how noise-to-signal you get when you search “macOS shortcut to convert Word doc to PDF”? It’s a lot.

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Does it have to be a shortcut or would triggering from a shortcut as scripting suffice?

Various options here:

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Just use the Macsparky command p command p

Might have to check if the Print ellipsis has to be adjusted for.

I already know about that one, but what I’m trying to do is convert it without opening Word.

Thank you. I was thinking I wanted to use Shortcuts (the future) over Automator (soon-to-be the past), but you’re right, I shouldn’t write it off yet.

I ended up using the AppleScript in an Automator workflow solution. This still opens Word to do the conversion, but only for a second and then automatically quits it again so it doesn’t require intervention on my part.

Don’t necessarily get hung up on having to use Automator - that’s just one of the options. Shell script and AppleScript can be executed from Shortcuts. Calling shell utilities like pandoc would not involve opening Word. There are ways to tailor the solution and it all simply comes down to what you want. It was just that confining yourself to Shortcuts on the Mac can be quite limiting. It is better to consider it as one of several tools in your Mac automation loolbox when presented with an automation opportunity.

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