macOS Photos Custom Export to Dropbox


My wife and I share a joint dropbox account where we upload our individual photos from our different iPhones/iOS accounts. I had been using the dropbox app on iOS to upload photos automatically, but it also uploaded stuff from work and other things I don’t want to share (like gift ideas for Christmas).

Anyone know of a way/direction/guidance to automate:
A photo gets added to my “Family” album in apple photos. That photo gets exported to a dropbox folder as a jpg and renames it to the date the photo was taken in the format yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss.jpg (which is the format that the Dropbox iOS app uses and my wife is accustomed to seeing)?

I have a headless Mac mini server running 24x7 to handle this task, but if there is an iOS way to do it I can try that as well.

I appreciate any suggestions.



I wonder if Hazel can help here? I don’t use Photos on my Mac so have no experience with automation in that arena.

Here is a simple example of an iOS Shortcut you could use for this. Albeit manual, it does support the general use case described.

Note, I had to use iCloud as the example file store due to a bug in Shortcuts that is preventing me from getting to Dropbox. Simply modify that step to point to your correct Dropbox folder.

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