macOS Notifications sent to AppleWatch

Hello. Is there a way to have select desktop Notifications sent to my Apple Watch?

I use a video conversion app that can take quite a while to churn through a set of tasks but it can send a desktop notification when finished. I’d like to walk away and get a notification on my watch or phone when the app has completed the set of tasks. This seems reasonable but I haven’t found any such ability. By the way, the app is not AppleScript scriptable.

Video conversion apps can often trigger scripts when they complete queue processing, If your app can, there are options around that.

It would help to know the app you are using in case someone is already familiar with the options it provides. In addition, using a different app might be a viable option for you if you can describe the conversion you wish to do. There are free and open source options that include standalone apps and command line executables.

Desktop notifications cannot go straight to the watch as an intermediary is required. But that’s where an option to script would come in.

Hi @dwayne, I use the app Pushover (iOS & macOS). The advantage of this app is that you get the notifications on all Apple devices. You can add URLs / Siri shortcuts to the notifications and trigger them. In the tweet, you will find a video of my video export from ScreeenFlow 10.

As you can see in the video, I include the Pushover notifications in my Keyboard Maestro macros.


Here is an example of how I can display the battery level via a pushover notification.

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The video converter I’m using is ‘ Smart Converter Pro 3’ from the App Store. It doesn’t offer an option to trigger scripting. I am just wondering if there’s a way to get desktop notifications remotely. It seems that should be a feature of macOS or notifications. Such a feature should be application independent. Thanks.

As already mentioned, I don’t believe that there is.

Well Growl notifications used to allow for multiple destinations to your iPhone for example, but that wasn’t an OS feature. But while I am sure Apple have this on a feature list somewhere, it is not one they have dedicated enough time to yet to deliver to end users.

Looking at the feature list it can specify a file destination. Therefore if you create a folder action in Automator, or use a folder monitoring app like Hazel or Keyboard Maestro, you could trigger a script or direct URL call to a service such as Pushcut or Pushover which could then trigger a notification that then came up on your Apple Watch.

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All good ideas and possible options I can try until Notifications has further support.
Thank you.

@dwayne here is my possible solution using Keyboard Maestro and the Pushover app.

I created a preset that passes the .move file to SCP 3 and opens the app. Then (UI Script) selects the “Mac” option and the conversion starts. My macro now pauses until per conversion process is finished (green check mark in SCP 3). Now the notification is sent to all Apple devices.


That would be my macro for it:

I had to insert the actions marked in red because I used the demo version. With the full version, these would no longer be necessary.

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I think you have a good solution!
Thank you!

One more thing…
If the user is converting several videos with Smart Converter Pro, a green circle checkmark appears for each conversion process that completes. In that case, I suggest triggering on the button in the bottom right of the window. The button text will transition to “CLEAR LIST” when the batch conversion is complete.

Batch conversion - in progress and complete:

Thanks @alexxander for the solution to my original question.