macOS Fingerprint Identification

I have one Macbook Pro with TouchID along with several other machines without it. I would desperately like to login to the Macs without TouchID via a biometric login, preferably touch. I’ve searched and have found solutions to login to websites with biometrics, but haven’t found anything that hooks into the macOS login screen itself.

Has anybody solved this problem?

I believe that the Mac’s security model precludes this. The secure enclave is used to store the data to check the fingerprint against. That requires integration with a T1, T2, or M1 chip, which by design is not available to external devices for this process.

I think the closest that you can come for non-Touch-ID Macs is to use something like a YubiKey, but:

  1. I can’t vouch for it as I have not done this because…
  2. IIRC for this to work, you have to disable FileVault, which I don’t recommend

Apple Watch authentication maybe?

@jeffpage if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can set up a Siri Shortcut (SSH Script), in conjunction with the app Keyboard Maestro.
With this you can unlock one or more iMacs/MacBooks.

Either with the spoken Siri Shortcut or a touch on your iOS device.