macOS application?

For easy development and Testing, I would love to have Scriptable as a macOS (Catalyst) application. Is this possible and considered?



Fully agree. I would at least love to have a way to edit a script on the phone via the mac - meaning the phone is connected to the mac (similar to the developer view of safari for iOS on the Mac), and editing the script on the mac is directly changing it on the phone.

That’s different from what is being asked for, and has been covered a few times. Here’s the most recent discussion with the salient points.

It’s absolutely not the same but for the developing widgets I place my iPhone in front on my iMac, then open the Scriptable folder and edit the js in VSC, just cmd+s and save straight to iCloud and iPhone. Test on iPhone the widget.

It’s more articulates but it’s the fastest way I found. A macOS app would be great :sunglasses:

It would be, but it would have to provide a lot of plumbing under the hood to make it work, I suppose. Therefore, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

thx… that answers my question. I find the way to edit via icloud the most convenient.

I wonder how that will be on Apple silicon Macs…