Mac differences to iOS/IPadOS

Installing Scriptable on iPhone and iPad generates a shared folder: iCloud Drive/Scriptable where scripts are stored and shared.
The Mac version creates a folder for scripts deep in ~Library (so not shared with iPad, iPhone).
I find it easier to edit scripts on my desktop whilst testing them on my iPad; it would be helpful (and more logical?) to have the Mac version point at the same iCloud folder but I cannot find any method of making that change - anyone managed to DO it?


It’s the same folder for me on all platforms. Are you looking in iCloud Drive on Mac? It maps to ~/Library/Mobile Documents which might be where you’re looking.

It is definitely two distinct folders - the scripts listed in Scriptable for iOS and iPadOS are the same but different from the scripts listed for the Mac version. Creating a script in Mac does not appear in the iCloud folder (from iOS and iPad versions) or vice versa.
There is a Setting in Mac Scriptable to turn on iCloud syncing but selecting it gives an error message that ‘iCloud is not enabled on this device’ even though it is…
There is a setting to ‘bookmark your files’ but this freezes the app requiring a Force Close.

Okay, I’m using iCloud and am not seeing that bug.

Your Mac version of Scriptable is using the same iCloud folder as iPhone/iPad?

Yep, in iCloud Drive: ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud\~dk\~simonbs\~Scriptable/Documents

I write scripts on which ever device is handy and all the same widgets etc are available everywhere. Version 1.6.2 (174) on Mac and 1.7.14 (1) on iOS.

thanks for the info. I am using the same versions on Mac and iOS as you.
However, the folders in use are different from each other but the iOS address is the same as you:
iOS: /Users/Jeff/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~dk~simonbs~Scriptable/Documents
Mac: /Users/Jeff/Library/Group Containers/

Any thoughts on changing the Mac target to match iOS?


Have you Runstone or Data Jar on your Mac?
Perhaps, it’s a shared folder between these apps.

Thanks for the suggestion; currently neither are on my Mac and, to the best of my recollection, have never been on.

I think you could probably replace the Mac folder with a symlink to the iOS folder?

Tried that but Scriptabe threw an error. I guess I will have to live with the difference…
Thanks anyway