Mac Automator - 'Find Mail Messages' returning duplicates

Ultimately, I’m trying to use automator to download files from my email.

I set up a workflow with “Find Mail Messages” and “Get Attachments from Mail Messages”. I’m receiving 3 files every time when I have only 1 email that meets the criteria entered. Please help. My only guess is that it could be related to the fact that I have my email account running through Mail, Outlook, & Gmail? I don’t know how to resolve this even if this is the case. Thanks in advance.

What do you get when you do the same search in the Mail app?

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When I’m in the Mail app & type the same words in the search bar, it returns a single email

Maybe try other search terms to confirm the behaviour and try adding more filters (mailbox?) in the Automator action to help restrict it further to see if you can narrow the result set.

I would test it myself, but I have Mailmate as my e-mail client.

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Thank you sylumer! I played around a bit and got it to work. Once I moved the email to a designated mailbox and then used the “Find Mail Mailboxes” action, it worked!

I wish that the Find Messages action could then further pare down the previous action of Find Mail Mailboxes but that did not work.

My concern is resolved. Thank you for your help.