Low power mode shortcuts

Does anyone use a shortcut for Low Power Mode? I saw the one that @MacSparky made in the Siri Shortcuts video he made. Does anyone have any others? I’m also trying to figure out if there worth it. Does your phone still use that much battery if you leave cellular, WiFi on?

I made one that turns off pretty much everything except the phone functionality, but I can’t say if it works very well because I haven’t actually had to use it.

I made one on the iPad too, since Apple refuses to implement an actual Low Power Mode for the iPad.

I like the idea of doing it for iPad…I hadn’t thought of that.

I don’t have a different shortcut for adding onto the existing low power mode, but my Morning and Sleep shortcuts both check if the battery is less than 60% and turn it on if so. (Current circumstances necessitate that this happens more often for me at the moment than I would like, because my charger is in a separate room).

My morning shortcut also checks to see if I’m away from home (using my TripIt calendar, I have a separate shortcut for this) and if so puts the phone into low power mode as well, since I find I can run the battery down pretty fast when travelling (I guess from using maps, etc).