Lost in Candy Store - StreamDeck and Moom

I just got a StreamDeck and I think I’ve fallen down a fairly deep rabbit hole.

Where do people ask discuss StreamDecks? I was hoping to see other people’s setups to be inspired?

Moom portion - I’ve started to setup a folder for all of my Moom actions. So far so good. If I then use the context sensitive actions i.e. Obsidian actions only available when Obsidian is the frontmost app; MS word actions when it is frontmost; …

How do i make it so I can always invoke the Moom actions everywhere? Does this require that I give it Moom a slot in each subfolder?

Look here for Stream Deck discussion on the MPU forums.

Have fun!

You would either have to put a Moom button on every profile or a button to a default profile. What I do is invoke Moom using Keyboard Maestro palette. I’ve remapped the Caps Lock key to F18 and have a conflict palette that includes a macro to summon Moom.

As for Stream Deck setups, I’ve had one for a while, but was inspired by a recent episode here and on MPU to go through and revamp my profiles. I use a lot of buttons linked to KM macros using the KM-Link plugin.

This is my default profile and from top left:

  • Lights: a folder of controls for Hue lights
  • Daily Note: Calls up today’s Daily Note in Obsidian
  • Omnifocus: folder of buttons linking to particular OF perspectives
  • Drafts: calls up Drafts
  • AirTable: Ditto AirTable
  • Volume controls
  • Content idea: Supposed to link to a Shortcut but not working right now
  • Apps: folder of commonly used apps
  • Directory: a “directory” profile that has buttons to open any of my Stream Deck profiles
  • Show Folders and Recordings: Open Finder folders for my two most commonly used work folders
  • Start My Day: KM macro to launch my work apps and get my system ready to work
  • Page 2

Page 2 has a bunch of Apple Music controls, like Play, shuffle, etc. The headphone button toggles between the Mac’s headphone jack and my AirPods, using the Audio Devices plugin.

I won’t go through all of my profiles, but this is my “directory of profiles” profile and I can share any specific ones if you’re interested.

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@MevetS Funny I had looked on MPU as well. This forum seemed to have more. A little bit surprised Elgato has created its only place to discuss, beyond a redditt forum that gets support questions.

@DomBett wow. I’ve already cribbed some ideas like the content idea button; start my day; …

Is there an elegant way to change the profile in use based on a modifier like the CTRL key? I.E. Write a KM Macro that switches the StreamDeck profile while the CTRL is held down?

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Yeah, I often check both places. MPU seems to have more activity, with the traffic here being more specialized.

I don’t believe that there is a way to “hot switch” a profile, but it’s an interesting feature idea. Maybe if Elgato did it in combination with their new pedal. In the meantime, the directory of profiles will have to do for me.

Actually I think this might easier than I guessed. I think that I can use a KM to automate the profile selector in the StreamDeck menu bar app.

Cue the evil genius sounds.
- Mark

Wow, Menubar apps are evil.

Luckily this has come up on the KM forum before:

I used the macro from the above post vs the bartender trick below.

Hi there!
For the Moom piece, I’d like to share a small plugin I wrote for StreamDeck.
It lets you switch to a Moom profile by pressing a button on the StreamDeck.
Hope it helps!

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My challenge was that I’m considering the autoswitching profile approach, so zip to Obsidian and I get purple Obsidian buttons. Of course I’ve never in “Moom” so there is no auto switch.