Logging sleep health data with toggl

HI all,
FOr this year, I would love to build a complete dashboard within toggltrack / timery to see where most of my time goos.
I have a sleeptracking device which exposes sleepdata to the apple health app. However I don’t want to look for all kind of data peases all over the place, so would love to centralize it within my timetracking system.
Is there a way to fatch the sleepdata from the health app and add it to toggl?track?
Could anyone give me some pointers how to build such a shortcut?
Please note, I am visually impaired, so screenshots I Can OCR them but will be difficult to get the value from them.
SO I would love some textuall pointers in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

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Check AutoSleep, there are a lot “pieces” offered to Shourtcuts.


I have not hurd of this app, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check that out.

Unfortenately the autosleep app does work, but is not very accessible. Furthermore the device I have is a withings sleep.
I would love to submit the data harvested with my withings sleep in to my timetracking dashboard in toggl. Is there a way to acomplish this? Withings does submit my sleep data to the apple health app.