Logging Completed Reminders

As I move back to core Apple, I ran into one challenge with Reminders. It’s not easy to go back and see what you did. I considered may ways of logging it, Notes, Spreadsheet, Drafts (I know, not core Apple, but come on, it’d Drafts!) and landed on the Calendar as the best way to track.

I created a new Calendar, called “Completed” and this reminder logs all the completed reminders with their notes on the day they were completed. With Spotlight, I can easily search for any reminder and see when it was done. To make them stand out, I prefix each one with a :white_check_mark: which I can also search for to see only completed tasks over the last week.



woah, wait, so how does the reminder log itself in the Calendar app?

That’s what the shortcut does. It processes all completed reminders and adds them to the specified calendar at that time of completion.

Have you posted the shortcut? If not could you share the link :sweat_smile:

I actually thought I had. Oops.


Okay, this is pretty legit. I had over 500 completed reminders (all completely forgotten about) and this shortcut put them into the calendar I specified without issue, with accuracy to the time I guess I completed them :man_shrugging: , and deleted the completed reminders :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

I think I may tweak around with this so it only logs reminders from specific lists I have, but still delete all reminders that have been completed. then maybe automate it to run at the end of the week or something

One thing though is, I never used the logging feature in Things three, my current to do app, I guess my workflow doesn’t require me to know the things I have completed :thinking: or maybe that is preference? I don’t know yet

All of this, while on iOS 14 beta. No hiccups when running, figured the indexing step would have broke or something