Location trigger

I am trying to make an automation based on when I leave/enter work to add an entry to my bullet journal with the time. Pretty simple automation, but iOS does not allow the automation to trigger automatically (it just pops up and asks to run it). This appears to be a limitation of the shortcuts app that they consciously made. Is there any option to get around this? I previously used IFTTT but found it slow (Aka sometimes registering an hour or more late, I’m assuming because of its polling interval?)


Is just tracking the time good enough, or does it really need to end up in your journal?

I use(d) Geofency for tracking work hours (until I started to work from home due to pandemic measures):

If your journal uses a web service, you can maybe use webhooks?

Prefer to just have a plain notes version. Thought this would integrate easily into Apple notes or obsidian, and was a bit let down to find it doesn’t automatically run. Not necessary, but thought why not do it. One of those things that’s soooo close but not quite there.

There are a couple of options available, depending upon your set up.

  1. If you are iOS only, you can use Pushcut, but you will need the Pro and Server subsctiptions as well as an iOS device that you can leave running and unlocked on your home network;

  2. You can use a workaround in so much that setting a focus mode on your iPhone will run a Shortcut without needing to confirm.

  3. If you have a Mac, you can also use the focus mode workaround to trigger something to run on your Mac (if you share your focus mode switches between devices).

There are also other webhook options like Make (formerly Integromat) or Zapier, both of which have free plans, but may cost for the options that you require. I have not used either of these, so have no experience with if they will fulfill your requirements.

There are more than likely other options if you have a Mac, like triggering Keyboard Maestro or Shortcuts on the Mac.

Hope this helps.

Option 2 is a great idea and would work perfectly. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks!