Location based intercom

Hi! I’m new on this so… Help me to understand why the location based/intercom doesn’t work.
First of all, I have the usual icloud account for my daily use iphone (phone 1) and another account that I made especially for homekit (phone 2). I have an Homepod mini linked to my usual account (phone 1 - this is the originally started account for homekit) Now, in shortcuts app (phone 2) I’ve made an shortcut to intercom “welcome” when I open the door and only if dummy outlet is on. I loaded the shortcuts in Pushcut app and I made an homekit automation (on phone 2) to load URL from Pushcut. In “cold” tests (the code in shortcut) it works and in “live” test it worked for a day.
Where I do wrong?
When I open the door, Pushcut app work, but that’s all… no intercom.
Another thing… In Pushcut server tab under request, there is a list of shortcuts there I triyed at some point. Pushcut server still looking for them despite that I deleted them from shortcuts app. There is an command/checkbox to purge old/inexistent shortcuts?


  1. Did you get any software updates that could have impacted this working one day and not the next?
  2. Have you tried restarting your devices?

Run the refresh action.

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Hi! thanks for reply.

  1. Don’t remember but it was has 16.6 as a software version.
  2. Yes, restarting everything.
  3. I did running the refresh, updated the list but in action looking for same old shortcuts…
    Server actions,

This is what he run (or try)

Same error to the next shortcut…

Is your Welcome_test shortcut actually in the Shortcuts app on your server device?

What does your Export for Pushcut shortcut look like on your server device?

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  • Sry… :smiley: I found them now in homekit automation on my phone 2 …
  • … It look like normal… code isn’t altered…
    I think I’ve made a mistake somewhere… I do something wrong…
    Thanks’ anyway I have to redo from scratch again, I have to rethink the actions and steps :smiley: