Location automation on Android

Hi! I’m trying to help my less tech-savvy husband with something at work. He mentioned off-hand the other day that he wishes that his phone could automatically go silent when he enters a conference room and go back when he leaves. He said it in a way that indicated that he thought that was impossible, but I think it might be possible?? It would have to be a more discreet location than just a gps, etc, because it’s all within the hotel where he works. Rose mentioned something in one of the episodes about doing this with her phone, but is it possible on an android? He has a new Samsung. Thanks!

The technology you would want to look at is “beacons”. Maybe this thread will provide some background in regards to practical Android use?

One of the things I miss most from Android is Tasker, which is much better than iOS in terms of location based automation currently.

Tasker can use GPS, cell towers, wifi, bluetooth, beacons, etc. to determine location. There are many youtube & written tutorials about it, as the learning curve for Tasker is a bit higher.

Using cell towers & wifi together was my chosen route to balance between accuracy & battery power usage.

Hi Caitlin. Hope this information still reaches you after more than a year. you could look into guestures on his Samsung. I can flip my phone upside down, and it switches to Do Not Disturb on my Pixel2 and Pixel5. You could also look into NFC tags/cards that activate a setting or profile. Unfortunately you can’t easily use a location setting to trigger something inside because GPS doesn’t work accurately under a roof.

Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it! Unfortunately, my husband was laid off from his job at the hotel at the beginning of the pandemic, but I will definitely keep all this info in mind if/when he gets a new position at a hotel. Thanks!