Local Trigger scheduled for Weekdays

My local trigger scheduled for weekdays only run on Mondays. What am I doing wrong? I am simply trying to trigger a shortcut every weekday at 4:51 pm. with a notification.

Might help to share your configuration in case anyone can see anything wrong with it. It can be extremely hard to quickly and reliably diagnose an issue without any information about it other than the result.

Are you saying you get no notification on other days, or that the notification doesn’t trigger anything?

Do you perhaps have a focus mode on Tue–Fri?

I was only getting the notification on Mondays, however, I reinstalled Pushcut and I didn’t even get one on Monday. I do not have focus mode on.

Have you tried rebooting your iOS device and turning Notifications permissions off and on again?

I just rebooted iPhone and turned off and on the Notifications permission with no success.