Local trigger log?

Is there anything in Pushcut that logs when a local trigger request was attempted? It would be nice to know in case there was a time out on the URL. If not, is that something that could be added?

there is no log at the moment, but if a background trigger fails you will get a notification with the error and a retry option. typically that happens immediately when the error occurs.

however, an issue that I observed is if iOS is being strict with background execution time (eg: low battery) it might basically cut out before Pushcut gets a chance to deal with the error. in these (rare) cases you will only see the error the next time Pushcut gets any runtime…

I do have it on the list to keep logs for everything, but I want to make sure I only “collect” data that is linked to a useful feature.

did you experience any issues with this?

I had a failure (due to poor connectivity) that I didn’t realize until later. I did see another notification for a later failure, so that feature does work. I imagine there was a notification for the first failure, but I didn’t see it. I was probably in driving DND at the time. And I don’t often have time to take a look at notifications in the Notification Center.

By the time I realized the earlier command had failed, it would have helped me to have a record of when the attempt was made so that I could correct the related data. And it would be a lot easier to have a designated place to look for it besides hoping it was still in the Notification Center.

yeah, that all makes sense. I will reconsider the priority of this on the feature list.

thanks for sharing your thoughts :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks for listening! And for making such a great tool.