Live Show: January 19th, 11am PST (Location: Twitter)

Hi everyone!

PodCon has organised some recording booths for us to use this weekend so David and I signed up for one. It’s going to be our very first live show, and should all go to plan we’ll be streaming it on Twitter: @AutomatorsFM.

We look forward to podcasting live! If you miss it don’t worry, we’ll make sure it makes it into a future show.


Good luck. :+1:t2::studio_microphone:

Is there going to be a particular topic or theme for the show?

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For anyone who was looking for the live stream: sorry there are connection difficulties! But! We have it saved on @MacSparky’s USB stick and it will be in a future episode.

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:cry: after seeing a post on Twitter from @MacSparky about posting a link within a few minutes (after checking for about 15-20 mins) I spent an hour overall patiently refreshing Twitter waiting for the link to come through.

It would have been really useful to have posted something there when the issues became apparent, and to have communicated about the issues at the beginning rather than after the end. Please keep that in mind for any future live streams, but I look forward to hearing the show when you release it.

Gang … and @sylumer

Really sorry about the mixup. We were on stage and tape was rolling and, as we were starting, they said … “whoops …feed broke. We can’t stream.”

They dropped that on us as we were starting so I couldnt’ get word out. Sorry about the trouble.


Y’all still had a great show! Very cool to be part of the live experience.