List widget background image not rendering and only shows as white

As shown above, widget background images are not rendering and only show as white. This recently occurred after 1.7.1 was installed and running ios 15.7.1. Even running the widget with a solid background color shows up only as white. Very brief widget shown bellow:

let widg = new ListWidget();
widg.setPadding(20, 20, 20, 20);
let kts = FileManager.local();
var path = kts.bookmarkedPath("Variable");
var nam = "/sm-top-left.jpg/"
path= kts.joinPath(path, nam);

let img = kts.readImage(path);

widg.backgroundImage = img;


var nam = "/sm-top-left.jpg/"

try removing the ending /.

iOS: 15.7.1
Scriptable: 1.7.1(1)

Listwidget: backgroundcolor, backgroundgradient,backgroundimage

Widgetstack: url

All above cannot render(execute).

Correct. Is this an existing issue?

Sorry, I made it in haste. The “/“ was removed and the issue still occurs

Looks like a bug then. You can try submitting a feedback from the app or if you can, update to IOS 16.

I reinstall Scriptable 1.6.11, then everything ok.

This is a bug in the current update that affects devices running iOS 15. It should be fixed in the next update that will be available within the next day or two.

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