List of names to list of emails

Hi everyone!
I often have to take a list of names (luckily all the people will be in my contacts) and I need to send out an email with all of them BCC’d. Is there a way that I can take my Microsoft Word document with all these names and end up with an email prepared?

This has been a pain for me because I have to do this once a month and the list of names is always different. I typically just open an email document and start typing names/ selecting contacts.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make this more efficient?

What is the format of the names in the Word Document, e.g “first last”, or “last,first”? Is each name on a new line? Are they exactly the same as the name in your contact list?

This is a sample shortcut that takes the content of a Word Document and searches though the contacts for matching names. It then retrieves the associated email address and adds it to the bcc field in an email compose sheet. It assumes the format of the names are “first last”, each name is on a new line, and is the same as the name in your Contacts.

The shortcut is launched from the share sheet in Word. I ran into a glitch with Word that required me to launch the share sheet twice before it activated.

Just one point on fetching email addresses from contacts. As it stands, if a contact has multiple matched email addresses each will be picked up and the contact will receive multiple copies.

I have many contacts with multiple email addresses on record. If you have any, then you may need to do some extra work in the repeat loop to pick out a preferred or maybe just first email address.

In terms of making this more efficient, I’d just posit this question: is a Microsoft Word document the ‘best’ place to keep and maintain your monthly mailing list?

Thanks for the ideas guys! As to your question about whether or not it is the best place… No, it’s probably not, but it’s the format that I receive from the boss…

Does you boss have a thing about not accepting suggestions about how things can be improved? :thinking:

Typically challenges are best addressed at the source. Until you ask, you don’t know what constraints you are working to. Prior to that they are just assumptions.

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