List of app-shortcut integrations

Is there a list with all apps that support shortcut actions?

Even better: with possible actions per app.

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No. That would potentially change every day, as new apps are released and existing apps updated. You would literally have to install every app on each Shortcuts supporting platform and check every update. It is like asking for a list of all equations used in physics.

You may find a few online lists for the more common apps - typically in their own documentation.

You are typically better off looking at what you have installed, and if you cannot code a solution with what you have (which should happen less and less frequently as you expand your knowledge and apps and apps expand their functionality), start searching for keywords online to see if you can find a solution.

There’s an old one:

Start with the end in mind - what do you want to achieve?

Doing things more efficiently and faster with apps I don’t use yet/anymore (because their manual processes take too much time)

I’ve installed apps only to use them in shortcuts because only that way I find ways to put them to good use.

With other words; I want to be blown away by possibilities

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