Link to Google Doc in Airtable

Rose mentioned that she uses Zapier to create a Quip document from an Airtable record, and then provides a link back to the document in the Airtable record.

I’ve set up a similar zap, where a new Airtable entry triggers the creation of a Google Doc, but would love to add the link to the doc into a field in the same record.

Any ideas?

After it creates it, use the “update record” action for AirTable and that should do the trick :slight_smile:

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I’m doing it differently, and no longer need the link. Instead, I’m using Integromat to check AirTable for new entries. Depending on a value in an AirTable field called ReportType, one of three types of reports are generated in Word and saved to Dropbox. Now I just need Hazel to put everything in the right folder.