Line Breaks in Automated Emails

I use Shortcuts to send some emails that I send to a group of people alerting them to a meeting I organise on a regular basis. The text is ‘boiler plate’ and is sent via email, as I say.

The email has two or three parts to it but when I create the email text in Shortcuts, I am not sure how to insert a ‘return’ key to separate the different items into separate paras and I normally do this manually each time.

Would anyone know how to do this?

Thanks, Brian

If you create the text in a text action you can use the return key, and then just use that as a magic variable for the message in an email action.

Does that suffice? If not, please share an example shortcut so we can see where your problem lies.

Thanks, I will try that

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Thanks again for suggesting this.I reworked the shortcuts and it worked a treat. :grinning: