Limitations on scripts in Ios

As I’m not to familiar with IOS, I would seriously appreciate anyone with more knowledge’s input on this.

Would it be possible with scriptable to display an element that can change - lets say a red box, on the top of the screen while using other laps, for instance browsing twitter?

The goal would be to have the box overlay and be for example under the time/battery. It would not have to interact with any other apps.

Although this question probably sounds stupid to people more familiar your answer will probably save me a great deal of time.

This is not possible in iOS (not even with native Apps instead of scripts).

What would you want to use the red box for?

Not possible with Scriptable.

If you have an iPhone 14 from and an app that can create custom Live Activities, then you might be able to create an activity that will appear on the Dynamic Island.

There’s the ActivityBuilder but I don’t have any experience with it so I’m not sure if it can create such custom activities.

Thanks for the quick responses. For the project I have planned I could use notifications which aren’t as elegant but will get the job done. I have one more question: Can a script be made to run as soon as the phone is unlocked?