Let's Share Shortcut Techniques

The purpose of this shortcut, Let’s Share Shortcut Techniques, is to share techniques that I and others have learned as we’ve developed workflows and shortcuts.

I plan to update this shortcut periodically. If you have any snippets that you would like to share, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the next version of this shortcut.

Here’s a list of techniques currently included in this shortcut:

  • Create Help and Display in Safari (Markdown Source)
  • Force Shortcut Execution in the Shortcuts App
  • Speed Shortcut Execution by Hiding Editor Updates
  • Write to a Device-specific iCloud Folder
  • Generate a Multiple Line Prompt (e.g., with Ask for Input)
  • Pick a Subset of Shortcuts
  • IF with OR logic
  • Encode a Web Sound & Prepare to Embed
  • Write Contents of Dictionary to a New Note
  • UpdateKit Check Initiated by User

I’m not 100% sure if this is what you looking for, and how you actually want to share these (update the existing Shortcut?), but here’s a simple technique I use very often: use the Shortcut input if it’s there (when called via share sheet) and use the clipboard if not (e.g. via widget)



One thing I didn’t know about, that seemed to be a major time savor for me when constructing Text Field to queue up for Siri to speak, I had conditional statements where I needed the text to say something different based on a an If result.

I noticed if you have an existing field out there in your shortcut, you can tap its icon to view information about it, but it has a handy “add to this shortcut” button. That will take the existing action and everything you’ve put into it and copy it into the current shortcut.


Isn’t it just the action and it’s parameters?

i.e. if you had an ‘If’ with other actions in it, you only get the ‘If’ with equal parameters appended to your shortcut, not the actions you’ve placed in it.

That’s how it works for me.

Maybe. I was just thrilled I didn’t have to copy, search for the Text field, add it, tap into it, paste. I just was able to copy the existing Text field with the text in it. So, I assumed it does that for any existing action you’ve added.

Nice one, simple but very effective!

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Another one I do consistently is for every shortcut, I either moduleize it, or create another shortcut to run it. It runs so much faster without the animation. I wish that could just be a default setting to run w/o animation.

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@martijnengler, my thought was to collect some useful snippets in one shortcut for easy distribution for sharing. It’s easy for me to update one shortcut and since I’ve published it on RoutineHub and included UpdateKit and Check for Updates, those that want to get regular updates can easily do so.

@fischgeek, yes, I hope Apple adds this option soon. Have you used the embedded technique (refer to the Speed Shortcut Execution by Hiding Editor Updates in Let’s Share Shortcut Techniques)?