Let’s talk about Shortcuts on Mac!

What are everyone’s thoughts on shortcuts for mac? I personally think it’s a big step towards unification. I’m hoping we can dig deep into the system with it, more than we can on iOS and iPadOS


As long as we can run shell scripts and AppleScripts with it, I’m extremely excited by the idea!


Absolutely second that. Definitely excited to test it out though and see how it will compare with Keyboard Maestro.

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I’m sure Shortcuts will be severely limited compared to Keyboard Maestro but I also expect to be able to call Keyboard Maestro from Shortcuts via scripts / AppleScripts.


I would hope that things like Keyboard Maestro can kick off a shortcut. I would be very surprised if Apple’s design precluded that.


I am glad, Apple has forgotten about Automator for a long time. Shortcuts is a welcome edition, but i get the sense that Apple has a tendency to neglect their core apps. Sure mail recieved an update for pixel blocking but there is so much more that could be improved in that app.

In case someone is interested: Meet Shortcuts for macOS - WWDC 2021 - Videos - Apple Developer

Watching Meet Shortcuts for macOS - WWDC 2021 - Videos - Apple Developer now and they say that they will allow you to run scripts in shortcuts (perhaps even in iOS?).

Very excited, and curious to see if they can be scheduled w cron.

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That would be something awesome. Specially considering the possibility of using the same shortcuts on all devices.

Not sure AppleScript would work in iOS since there’s no trace of osascript there.

Some python and JavaScript are already possible to run in an iOS Shortcut via 3rd party apps, but they would not work in macOS.


From the video from WWDC, it will be feasible at least with the shell script action on KM:


If Evernote go straight to shortcuts on their Version 10 client they will go from 1 star to 5 in my opinion!

I also need Hazel to trigger the shortcut. Thats a given.

Hazel can trigger shell scripts, and @ldebritto showed that there is a command-line shortcuts command, so it ought to work great in Hazel, which pleases me too.


I would only add that the CLI utility does not appear to allow for arguments to be passed into the workflow.

If this proves to be the case, in order to use it with Hazel it will require the shortcut itself to be “hard-coded” with the file path to work properly.

As for tying it with KM trough CLI, the clipboard method (i.e. passing arguments through the clipboard so they can be fetched by the shortcut) or an AppleScript step with a call to the Keyboard Maestro Engine process (Mac only) will be required to fetch variables for the shortcut to do its magic.

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I’m very excited for Shortcuts on the Mac - have created a couple of Twitter threads of some explorations at I start work on bringing Toolbox Pro to the Mac:


I believe that it does, you just have to pass it an entire file tho

These looks like really awesome features. I can’t wait to get deeper into Shortcuts on the Mac!

I’ve gotten those to run on my Mac (though some of my shortcuts don’t run remotely when I try to trigger it from my phone via a shortcut using ssh.)

Does anyone know if there is Apple Script support for Shortcuts, where you can call them with Apple Script? I tried looking for a dictionary but didn’t find anything. I’ve heard references on podcasts (I thought) to using Apple Script to launch them but haven’t found the commands yet.

There is support for them in Apple Script, but it is not currently in the system. The shortcuts team said it will be in B2