Lego + Light for HomeKit?

hey Automators, so this is a stretch for this to be in here. I recently got back into Legos all over again as an adult, mainly because I was helping my kids with their Lego Mario sets which rekindled an old pastime for me. I ended up going on a spree and buying several lego helmets (Batman Cowl classic and new, Iron Man, Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, Scout Trooper, Darth Vader) I am on the hunt for the Tie Fighter :joy:

Anyhow, I thought about putting an LED light kit in a few of the helmets. Is it possible to put an LED light kit that would somehow speak with HomeKit ?? It would be cool to setup a scene where the Helmets turn on and the office lights turn off.

Hello, fellow AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego). I’m not sure what light kits you plan on using, but the Lego light kits I’ve used usually use USB power. You could just plug the USB power adapter into a HomeKit compatible smart-switch.

If you happen to have any of the old Lego Dimensions video game sets, the little disc bases have NFC tags inside them. You can trigger a shortcut to toggle the lights by putting your iPhone up to the tag!

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Sweeet!!! Do you have a recommendation on which light kit to use?!

Unfortunately I haven’t used any set-specific lighting kits before. I’ve mostly used LifeLites for lighting the interiors of my own custom city buildings. I think LightTailing sells some popular kits for specific sets. It looks like they do have ones for the Star Wars helmets.

Fellow AFOL here :slight_smile: I’m about 30 seconds from pulling the trigger on the Ecto-1 light + sound kit from LightMyBricks. They have detailed instructions on how to install, but no mention of Homekit automation (or any automation for that matter), but many kits use an IR controller. It might be possible to rig something up? Here’s their Iron Man helmet. LEGO® Iron Man Helmet 76165 Light Kit – Light My Bricks USA