Launching PWAs from a Shortcut

Has anyone found a way to launch an installed PWA from a Shortcut? I can’t seem to find information on this.

As I understand it, the progressive web app will be cached by Safari, so if you open the original URL (e.g., then it will load your app.

When the shortcut is on the home page, I think (I could be wrong) that’s when at the OS level it outs it into a standalone full screen mode. That’s the part I wouldn’t imagine you could trigger from Shortcuts as it isn’t in any way able to send that false trigger information to the OS.

So as long as you just want to run it, I think you should just be able to open the URL.

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t behave like this; it just pops open in the browser again.

It will open the URL in Safari or you can show web page depending upon the actions you choose. Which I believe is what I indicated above. Same app, different launch parameters. No?

There’s two options right? Show web page and open URL. One opens the page in the Shortcuts interface and one in Safari, respectively.

Both aren’t the PWA added to the homescreen but the origin. I made the PWA to not have the standard browser controls and was hoping there was a way to launch it from the standalone version. Guess not though huh.


If this specification gets rolled out to iOS safari as well, you will be able to register a custom web protocol (e.g. „web+coffee“) to your pwa.

After installing, all urls like web+coffee://latte-macchiato will open your pwa.

This should also happen when opened from iOS shortcuts so your shortcut would simply need to open a custom url