Launching a Shortcut via a Todoist task and closing it


I have a daily recurring task in Todoist that uses Markdown to run a Shortcut. Works great. What I would like is for the last step(s) in the Shortcut to then mark the Todoist task as complete. There is not a native Todoist / Shortcut integration for this but I suspect it could be done via a Todoist API. Unfortunately, I’m not the best with APIs. Has anyone attempted this or something similar?


There are several Drafts actions which use the Todoist API - they would actually be a great starting point as you can see clearly which part does what.


I’ll check them out. Thank you!


I knew that the automators team would have the answers I was looking for :slight_smile:Thanks a lot for this, looking into drafts to create a post publish project for podcasts.