Launcher / Siri shortcuts

Does anyone use launcher in there widgets? Or do you use siri shortcuts as a launcher in your widgets?? I’m thinking about doing this, but interested to hear what people use for this. If you do use it can you post a picture? And would it be easier to use a launcher over Siri shortcuts? Sorry for all the questions, I’m on the fence about this.

I use a combination of things that includes the Shortcuts widget and Launcher.

I also use Launch Center Pro (though not the widget so much) and home screen bookmarks.

For me there are a few things that affect what widget I use for launching what.

Using the Shortcuts widget you can run custom shortcuts without opening the Shortcuts app.

Using the Launcher app (with the upgrade), I’m able to fit more links into a smaller space (more than the Shortcuts widget allows) and also have different launcher widgets appear at different times. But the links always open the Shortcuts app.

However, if you are on the fence, why not try it out with a few things? DIfferent approaches do suit different people and their individual circumstances.

Hope that helps in your decision making process.

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I also use a whole bunch of ways to launch Shortcuts, add urls in my task manager to the list, for example.

I’m actually in the middle of writing a blog post about some of the ways I use Launcher. Usually I use Launcher for Shortcuts that I don’t need all the time, for example I’ve got morning and evening routine widgets that appear and disappear when they’re needed. The Shortcuts widget has things I need all the time, most of which are able to run inside the widget without shelling out to the app.

The other thing I’m playing with in Launcher isn’t actually using it as a widget at all, but as a workspace for developing Shortcuts, particularly ones with multiple parts, but that’s a different topic.

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Your post on using Working Copy was great. Looking forward to reading your new blog post.

I usually find Search to be the best launcher, pull down from top type 2/3 letters and you’re there.
Launcher is great for contextual widgets ie show these Shortcuts at night when I’m at home, or during the day when I’m at work.

Also shameless self promotion here’s a multiple shortcut home screen launcher.

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Thanks for the feedback on the blog post - it wasn’t bad given I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

The second one’s up, mostly covering how I’m using Launcher for my morning and evening routines.

The other one on Launcher might have to wait a bit - I’m still figuring out exactly how I’m using it, and the problem with writing blog posts from my own experience is that, well, I have to wait until I’ve had some experience.

Your launcher wasn’t found anymore.
I was looking for a template shortcut launcher that is treated with Folders and some apps within them. So it would be easy enough for me to go in there and change name of folders and customize the apps would like to launch within the folder.
Is it possible for you to repost the launcher you created.

Sure, doesn’t sound like its what your after though.