Launcher for Windows?

my next job will be in front of a Windows machine.
I really love Alfred on the Mac so I’m searching for a substitute.

From what I read on the internet, I will try Zazu and Hain, and maybe Wox.

Does somebody has any experiences, preferences or suggestions to share?
Maybe I should try something completely different?

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Slickrun by Brayden Software

I use it daily on the PC side…

Wow. I will definitely try slickrun. Thank you!

Double wow: one because it looks really nice, and the other because it is written in Delphi!
Seems to be around a long time…

On the other hand, I guess that implenting plug-ins is not really straight forward?
However, if I understand this correctly, I can write batch scripts and run them with slickrun?

I did not use the plugins, just use to launch apps and open folders or files on the shared drive that I have to update each day.

I use an app called Listary that gives me the usual launch window stuff, but also a bit of functionality that’s like that of Default Folder X that allows me to quickly switch to other folders in dialog boxes. It doesn’t have a plugin architecture, but I do use custom commands to launch the odd custom script. Most of the stuff that might be plug-in sort of stuff I do through a third party file manager instead.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Do you use the free version or the pro version?

I use it for work so I need to use the pro version. I use the custom keyword and project level searching most from the pro features, but I have probably used most or all of them in the years I’ve been using it.

But I would just try out the free version and compare it against the other ones listed. See which suits your needs best.

Everything by voidtools is a great file searcher

Thanks you for the suggestion. I will definitely install Everything.
If I understood this correctly, Wox uses also Everything for searching.
So it seems that it can be combined with other tools.

My (maybe naïve) question is:
Is there nothing like a spotlight index on Windows?
(There is for sure an index)
Is it just not usable by third party programs or does it skip to many files? (The latter would explain the name “Everything”)

And does somebody know how Everything compares to something like grep in the Windows Linux Subsystem?

I only can comment on the windows indexing system - It is there and powering the search on Windows, but was so slow and unusable that I never used it (falling back on total commanders search) Since I discovered everything I often find myself opening it instead of navigating through the folder structure.

Same for is true for me on Mac with Alfred:
Apart from launching apps, scripts and workflows, I use it whenever I need access to a file (as one can even drag and drop files from Alfred search results). I only occasionally launch the Finder from Alfred to open the folder containing a certain file.

So I will definitely install Everything and Listary.
And then I will find the one launcher to bind them all…

the app everything by voidtools does a very good job. though you have to be aware of its background load indexing files.

Currently I am using Microsoft PowerToys’s launcher.
If I understood it correctly, it’s a fork of Wox, so it is probably also using Everything.

I’m using an command line launcher called called Node (written in ahk) for launching apps and docs in my work environment. I use everything for finding everything(!) (pun intended) in the corporate network. It is really good and fast. The reason I don’t use just everything is that I can’t figure out to get the result presented in a nice way. Node is superb in that regard.
Apart from that I use AHK for a lot of tasks. Clipboard, workspace handling, key substitution and lots of small scripts

I checked it out too.
As you said it seems to be based on Wox but uses windows search instead of everything

And what is faster in your experience?

I think the power toys launcher seems more polished but too bare bones for my taste.
wox is much more configurable and extendable. Honestly I’m not sure if I can say that one is faster than the other.

Bare bones everything is the fastest in my opinion but you can get an overload of results.
try it with filters. After the initial indexing you get lightening fast results