LaunchCuts 1.3 Released with Manual Ordering or Shortcuts on a Per-Folder Basis

LaunchCuts 1.3 is now available and features the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

For those interested in evaluating LaunchCuts before purchasing, the TestFlight beta will be updated to 1.3 later today, and its expiration date has been extended to March 13.

New Features

  • Manual Ordering of Shortcuts: Organize your shortcuts the way you want to on a per-folder basis.
  • Action Menu: The new Action Menu places the Update Shortcuts, Open Shortcuts, and Create Shortcut actions under one menu. This helps preserve space in the navigation bar and prevents accidental pressing of actions that open the Shortcuts app.
  • Custom Prompts: Customize the message used by the Launch Shortcut action when inputting the shortcut to run or its input (English only).

New Customization Options

  • Separators: Create folder and shortcut separators to further distinguish your view of your folders and shortcuts.
  • Hide Edit Buttons: Hide alternate edit/play button on shortcuts.
  • Inline Titles: Display the folder title in the navigation bar to save even more space.
  • New App Icons: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Space Black.
  • Documentation Link: A link to view LaunchCuts Documentation now appears at the top of the Settings screen.

Bug Fixes, Changes and Minor Improvements

  • Shortcut names are listed using a semibold font to better match how they are displayed in the Shortcuts app.
  • Added a Cancel button next to text input fields.
  • Use WebKit views when viewing Documentation, Mailing List, Version History, and Privacy Policy pages.
  • Select All in Choose Icons screen now selects all visible icons.
  • Removed Favorite toggle from Shortcuts View.


Looks great. This app has really come a long way. Huge thanks for how fast updating shortcuts is now too. LaunchCuts is great on both iPhone and iPad, but on the iPad it’s particularly indispensable.


You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy the new features. I’m feeling good about the current feature set in 1.3, so I may be switching gears a little bit and start working on some other native iOS shortcut utilities I have in mind.