Launch Center Pro

Is there a repository of useful LCP actions anywhere? If not could we start one on this forum similar to the workflows one?


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The following might help anyone looking to get started with or more out of Launch Center Pro:


What’s the point of launch center pro, if Apple now has 3D Touch and widgets so it’s easy access to apps. Or am I missing the point of launch center pro???

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Fantastical has a two 3D Touch options, New Event, and Search. Launch Center Pro on the other hand, can add an event tomorrow at 9am for 90 minutes and let you just fill in the name of the event. It can also prompt you at places or times (or places within a timeframe) to do things - like launch an app, run a Workflow or Shortcut, etc.


In Feb. 19 2018 MacPowerUsers episode “Workflows with Rosemary Orchard,” @RosemaryOrchard talks about what Launch Center Pro can do that Workflow and Drafts can’t, especially ways to kick off automation routines via time-based and geolocation-based notifications.

LCP section starts at 1 hour, 17 minutes.

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Thanks @BonnieB I will have to listen to it

Unfortunately these timer actions are slightly less useful than I’d like: On Twitter the author confirmed they can’t make the action run UNPROMPTED. They believe they wouldn’t get the app through review if they did that.

Yes, nothing on iOS on device can really run automatically, but a prompt to run it is better than nothing at all.


By the way, is it feasible to have Launch Center Pro display whatever (text) is passed back to it in x-success?

I suppose I could have the return be to Drafts and display it that way.

As I mentioned on Twitter, one of the uses I have for LCP is as a prototyping tool. Seeing the results returned would be nice.