Launch Center Pro NFC Issue

Since setting up some NFC actions on my iPhone XR with Launch Center Pro I’ve noticed a lot of reliability issues with the NFC Triggers.

Essentially, the majority of the time the NFC tag scans successfully, the notification is generated and Launch Center Pro is run. However, Launch Center Pro crashes before the associated action is run.

If Launch Center Pro is running in the foreground then the correct scan action is run every time.

If Launch Center Pro is not in the foreground it sometimes works but usually crashes about 70% of the time.

I’ve been in touch with the developer and they say this is due to ios issues. I’m running 13.3.

Does anyone else have these issues with LCP and NFC?



I’ve had it crash too on my iPhone when NFC triggers are used. I’m on the 3.1.3 (401) beta and have sent crash details via Testflight to the developer.

I’ve always found NFC tags unreliable - whether using LCP or Shortcuts - but not crashtastic.