Launch Center Pro and Shortcuts cosmetic fix?

I just started using Launch Center Pro to launch certain Shortcuts, and I’ve figured out how to run it so that it takes me back to LCP so I don’t have to switch out of Shortcuts, but right now, what happens is that I can see the shortcut scrolling as it runs. If I run the Shortcut from the Shortcuts app, the button itself just does the highlighting scroll without going into the Shortcut itself and scrolling.

Wondering if I can get LCP to not show scrolling as it adds a delay to the shortcut itself?

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Yes. Create a second shortcut that calls the one you want to actually run and set the option to how while running to be off. Then call that second shortcut from LCP.

If you have several shortcuts you want to call like this, make the name of the shortcut a parameter that you pass in from LCP, and create a single shortcut. that’s what I use and it looks like this:

And here’s how I call a shortcut called “Briefing” as an example.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: