Last shortcut i run

Please i want to make siri shortcut that will run my last shortcut i run

Interesting. I think off the top of my head, you’ll have to create an action at the beginning of each of your Shortcuts that stores the name of the current Shortcut in a file somewhere (iCloud, Dropbox). Then, you can create a new Shortcut that reads that file and displays it to you or pass it to a quick Repeat to find a matching Shortcut and run it.

Run Shortcut By Name

Please if i have shortcut that open web site. What can i do to use your shortcut that you send me above. How can i conect between to of tham. Can you send me. 2 shortcut. First One call “open web” that open google web page and the other that repet the last shortcut (in this example this is the First One call “open web”)

I don’t have the time right now to, but perhaps later. Give my original post another glance and see what you can come up with by adding a function to save the name of the shortcut on a cloud storage file somewhere. Post some examples and we’ll help you out along the way.

Happy Shortcutting!

Okay. Here is the process I could think of that might work for you. Unfortunately, it does mean you have to save the Shortcut name to a file in every shortcut you have. I made two shortcuts that you can use to save the name of a shortcut, and one to get the name of the last one you saved.

Basically, what you’ll do is pass the name of the shortcut to the first “function”

Then, you can continue with the rest of the shortcut (or, you can put this at the end of the shortcut, just make sure the “function” shortcut gets ran).

When you want to get the last shortcut, run the “function” shortcut to simply read that file

Once you have that, you can use the Run Shortcut By Name shortcut from above (which I’ve also turned into a “function”

Func SaveShortcutName()

Func GetLastShortcutName()

Func RunShortcutByName()

A note about why I named these shortcuts the way I did: I name modular shortcuts that accept input and give me an output that I can later use. I name these all with the prefix of “Func” (because they’re basically functions) and give them all the cube icon with a gray background. The parentheses are just for fun. This way, they all look the same and are all sorted the same when I search for them.

Hope this helps.

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