KM Macro -- Create New Project With Clickable Links To Omnifocus project record, Drafts project note, and Finder project folder

I’m sharing this macro that I created, inspired by @MacSparky talking about his project setup with clickable links between project components. The macro creates a new Omnifocus project, sets up a project folder for the project in a specified file path location, and ceates a Drafts note for the project. The note of the Omnifocus project contains a link to navigate to both the Drafts note and the project folder. The body of the Drafts note contains a link to both the Omnifocus project and the Drafts folder. On completion, the Omnifocus window is open to the Projects perspective with the new project selected so that next steps (e.g., adding tasks) can be done immediately.

Note that in the two places where a POSIX path to the Finder file for the project is needed I’ve inserted placeholder text. If you want to use the macro, replace the placeholder with your desired file path.


I’ve uploaded the file at GitHub - Marc-Kiv/KM-Macros

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I get stuck with finder file path. Below is how I added my path where I want to create new folder.


I tried in different combinations, but I get error that destination is not a full path. I tried to remove [ ], but no difference.

@RDK —Here’s an example of one of mine:


Hopefully seeing the formatting helps!