Kindle Highlights/Quotes Automation


Hi Everyone,

As I read different books I often highlight quotes that I want to file away for later. After looking at many different notes apps, I’ve decided on Microsoft One Note.

When I highlight a quote I want to automate the transfer of that quote to my One Note notebook. I have a Zapier account so I think I’m ok with inputing to One Notes, its just automating the export from Amazon…

Any ideas?



Unless you automate something locally (e.g. via Fake on a mac) to operate a browser session and scrape the data, or trigger a mail out of your highlights, you’re probably out of luck with that first step. I’ve only had a cursory look admittedly, but I can’t see anything from Amazon regarding API access or scheduled export of this data set. :frowning:


I found the same. Haven’t looked at Fake App before though- it definitely looks like something I could find a use for so thanks for the tip!



Are all the highlights on a Kindle e-ink device (as opposed to a Kindle app)? If so, there is a My Clippings.txt file on the device that can be accessed via USB, which has all of the highlights/notes you’ve made on the device, along with some metadata. It’s formatted in such a way that a regex of some sort could parse it all and put it in a more useful format for shuttling to OneNote.


Hi remmah,
Thanks for the reply. I do use a kindle paper white, but I do also use the kindle apps on my iPad and phone as I don’t alsways have the paper white with me.

I’ll have to look more closely at it but I assume the annotations made in the apps would sync to the kindle device when on wifi and then it would be a matter of accessing the .txt file.

It’s a bit more mucking around than I hoped for, it might be just as easy to log in to the kindle site and scrape them from there.



Hi! I actually do this exact thing, although I use IFTTT and DayOne. The way to get your highlights out of the amazon ecosystem is through GoodReads. Directly from the kindle, you can share highlights to GoodReads. From there, you can pick up an RSS of your newsfeed, which the quotes get posted to. Hope that points you in the right direction!


Thanks Lauren!!

I do the auto export to Goodreads, but their RSS was the missing link. I have a Zapier account so I’m sure I’ll be able to link now.

Really appreciate tour tip!