Keyboard Maestro to a Specific OmniFocus Folder

I have been feeling like a superhero (undeservedly so) recently as I have been learning Keyboard Maestro. It’s what it can do for me even with my clunky use.

I have created a few different macros that set up project infrastructure for things like blog posts and video projects. My macros create specifically named Google Drive folders and Google Doc templates and then takes the URLs for all of those and puts them into the notes of a task paper template.

Keyboard Maestro opens the URL for the folder I want the OmniFocus project to live in and takes the task paper template with all the variables and “inserts text by pasting.” The project makes its way into OmniFocus just as I want it… except it is not in the folder I want it to be in. It is in the root level of my OmniFocus projects so I can very easily move it. In the end, it is a very small problem. It just bugs me that I can not figure out this one flaw.

I would appreciate your help if you know what I am doing wrong.

Here is a screenshot of the macro:

I don’t have KM with me to test anything at the moment, but I think that if you use the /paste action from Omnifocus’s URL scheme in that ‘Add URL’ action, and remove the Paste action, you can specify the location using the ‘target’ parameter. Omni has a great guide here—scroll down to the ‘Taskpaper-Formatted Text’ section which has some examples and more info.

You will need to URL encode the Taskpaper text first, but off the top of my head I think KM has an action for that as well.

Thank you very much for your guidance! When I was working with Things I was working with URL schemes more frequently and I have had tunnel vision on TaskPaper since moving to OmniFocus.

I have not seen that OmniFocus reference before and I am digging into it right now, thanks again!

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