Keyboard Maestro and handling the GUI delay of macOS

How do you handle that lag times from macOS. For example, when I try to create a network trigger to execute a bunch of stuff when I hook up to my office wi-fi it fails 50% of the time due to stuff not having finished loading. Even when it comes to menu items it’s to fast. I tried to remedy this with on pixel change and image recognition but that seems ugly. Any ideas?

Have you tried using Pauses or pause until? It usually works fine with a regular Pause, you just have to fiddle with the time. Start at .5s and up that until it works.

Hi Jeff, thanks I have. That’s the problem It’s still not reliable enough. Even tried pause until certain condition on the screen changes but it works 90% of the time. Still not dead on.

What happens if you make the pause, say, 1 second or longer?

A handy debugging technique.

In Production delays obviously blunt the advantage of automation - at least the “speed up” bit of it.

It’s a timing issue yes. The thing the time can vary depending on the apps I choose to open. As an example, I want certain apps to launch when I connect to my office wi-fi. Since I have lots of different applications up and running the load time varies when I turn on my computer, hence the macro timing breaks.