Keyboard Maestro and Alfred - Finally!

Finally got these installed and integrated after many months (years?) of hearing about them but never quite grokking them. So far I’ve only created one KM shortcut, but on the first of the month it opens up a spreadsheet and three URL’s for my monthly financial account updates. Really need to fire up some palletes though…

For Alfred this is my 2nd attempt. The first time I ended up installing the old version in the App store. This time I got the real deal from the website. At the same time I removed all the apps from my dock, part of some focusing/productivity suggestion I ran across. This forced me to use Alfred to launch things, and this workflow is very nice now! No powerpack yet.

If they’re in the free version, try the file/folder searches in Alfred. So snappy! That’s really what trained me in to constant use early on.

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basics are there, lots of extras in the PowerPack that look very interesting…

i did the same thing with Alfred - waited YEARS and kicking myself now. One of my favorite workflows - I do client work, and each client has a page in a web app that I need to navigate to, but I’m forced to open page, search name, click, etc etc. So, I have a KM shortcut that hits all the menu item choices for a safari bookmark, and even names what it will be, so for example, I navigate to the new client page, hit the KM shortcut, it,makes a bookmark for “[CRM] - Jones”. And then I can launch the bookmark just by typing the description in Alfred. It saves me SO MUCH friction.

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Did my first ‘big’ KM macro. It opens a new file in Typora, pops up a user input box so I can fill in my YAML front-matter items, then pastes all that into the doc and I’m ready to start typing my new blog post!
Second KM macro then takes the saved file, runs through git add, commit and push and sends it to github. 90 seconds later my blog post is live on Netlify. $0.