Journaling Suggestions exposed via Shortcuts?

Has anyone seen an effort to expose the nearly one year old Journaling suggestions via Shortcuts? I would like use the API to feed my journaling habit. The goal would be to use the API to add rich data in text based apps: Obsidian or Noteplan.

In a pinch I would settle for a pointer to an open source implementation of any iOS shortcut that I could use a template. (Of course I don’t know Xcode, Swift or SwiftUI - how hard can it be. See you in a year).

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Didn’t journaling suggestions become a thing when the journal app released late last fall?

Yes and they’re not available as a shortcut, just as an api. I want the API exposed in a way that I could use in ShortCuts with any app I chose on my iPhone.

I believe that’s only available to app developers and not as a web api if I remember correctly

I agree it’s not a web api. I’m hoping that someone has already created shortcut code for me to use. If not I will learn enough XCode and Swift to knock this off myself.

Unfortunately Shortcuts won’t be able to tap into the internal API until Apple adds some ability to do so. A separate app would be required

In theory anyone can write a shortcut see: GitHub - sindresorhus/Actions: ⚙️ Supercharge your shortcuts

The question you raise is will Apple approve it?

FWIW if it comes to it, I will spin up a quick and dirty open source app to dump this information to a markdown file.

I know anyone can write a shortcut. That’s not the point. Shortcuts doesn’t have access to the API. The actions app doesn’t have an action for accessing it either (though it could)

Edit: now I see you’ve suggested it to the dev. Had you mentioned it or sent the link to your issue, it would’ve been more clear. I don’t see any reason that Apple would reject it if implemented.

Sorry wasn’t trying to hide. I only discovered the actions project GitHub after posting here. It didn’t even occur to me circle back.