Jellycuts - A New App for Shortcuts

Just saw this on Reddit.


This looks great. While I recognize that Shortcuts offers automation to non-coders, I find it really frustrating to try to drag actions around all the time. I’d rather type (even on a phone).

I just wish I could figure out what the in-app purchase do (and what the app won’t do without it).


I’m with you on this. I prefer the density of a text editor. I’ve thrown him $2.99 to encourage him. If I like it when I play with it I might throw more.

What I can’t tell yet is if the language is javascript.

I also wonder on positioning versus Scriptable.

To have a 1-to-1 mapping to a shortcut it seems to me this will have to be relatively simple. Whether that makes it useful or not I don’t yet know.

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Fwiw, the in-app purchases do unlock features, but the different amounts all do the same thing. It’s a “pay what you want” approach.

@Martin_Packer, it’s clearly Javascript like, but seems much more regular. The documentation is pretty good (though I wish there were a real table of contents). I don’t think you can incorporate arbitrary non-shortcuts-action steps via plain vanilla javascript, but it’s Wirth a try. (Now, if the dev would build in Scriptable’s actions, that would be powerful!)

As far as I can tell it includes every built in action — at least every one that I could think to check — but I don’t think it includes actions “donated” by third party apps. I wonder if the dev would have to add those, or if developers would do so in some way. The former would mean a more consistent “language,” the latter would probably be faster and incorporate more third party actions.

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Hey! I am the developer of Jellycuts, thank you for the pro purchase! The language is not Javascript. It is a custom language called Jelly which was made with the intent to transpile into Shortcuts.

On the position versus Scriptable, it is completely different. The porpouse of Jellycuts is to write shortcuts in a text based IDE, where as Scriptable is an automation platform.


I am planning on adding the third party actions. However they will not be user addable at first (this may change in the future). Currently the road map for the app is located here.


Welcome @ActuallyZach - now you’ve posted. You’ve been lurking for a while - it says here. :slight_smile:

I’m curios about the app as well.
Creating longer Shortcuts is currently a bit of a pain if you’ve any experience in programming.

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Yes. It’s the lack of information density for me.

Haha I have been. I’m not the best at staying up to date on forums. I use Discord for communications mostly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I am always open to chat about it

For a 1.0 release, it’s a good start. But really need to be able to tap or tab from one highlighted placeholder to another to make it more useable on iOS (like you can in visual studio).
And also, if I copy and paste the convertimage script in the documentation to the starter jelly and try to build a shortcut with it, it throws a “compiler cant’ find ‘convertimage’ in compiler rules”. again…1.0, so this just needs a bug fix.
But for more complex shortcuts, I think this will save a lot of time over dragging and duplicating in iPhone…a lot of time.

Thank you for reporting the bug with the convert image action! I will have that fixed in the next bug fix update. I will also look into being able to tab from one placeholder to another. Thank you for the idea!

what if none of us know how to code ?

ever thought about making an idk icon themer maybe since i did try to make an app from that it said it is not compatable with my phone

I recently tested JellyCuts and was impressed by how simple it was, once you understand the syntax.

Even for “shorter” but complex shortcuts, this app made it much easier to create.

I would highly recommend testing it, especially on an iPad. :raised_hands: