It’s all Rose’s fault!

It has finally happened, I’ve started to automate just about everything I can on my ios devices…

Just now I finished a small workflow that I will use about once every 2 months. It’s just meant to remove a space from 2 consecutive numbers. It’s for a lottery ticket, which has the 111 11111 format, but if you want to check the draw the website only accepts 11111111.

So I’ve created a workflow to get the clipboard, remove the “ “ and put the remainder in the clipboard again.

So, an action that was fiddly and frustrating on an ipad/iphone before now only takes a couple of seconds to complete.

Thanks Rose! (And David of course)


If it took you less than five minutes to create the workflow it’s totally justified :wink:


That’s a super awesome use of automation, on I would never have thought of myself! I’ll be scoouting these forums for more!


thanks for this. I seem to have a blocker at the front end of the reality curve which is just finding the time to recognize and think about things and routines that could be automated.

I manage projects and project managers - so there are a lot of things I repeat - but the customer and situation seems unique each time as we’ll as the systems and tools. So I never have or take the time to distill down to the root of what is automatable.

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