Issues getting WordPress posting to work in Shortcuts

Hi there, is anyone else having issues getting the WordPress action in Shortcuts to work.

I have a self-hosted wordpress site that I want to post directly to from a shortcut. I’ve got the posting working with Drafts using the right credentials but on Shortcuts it just doesn’t work. It times out and then locks me out of my wp-admin for 20 minutes.



  1. Anything in your WordPress site logs about the type of error occurring that is causing the lockout? I can’t believe it could be a single request.
  2. Has your Shortcut worked previously?
  3. Can you share a sanitised version of your Shortcut?

I think this is fixed now. The hosting company support team diagnosed that the call was being interpreted as a brute force attack and applying throttling to my IP address. It is now working although posting to Wordpress is proving a lot quicker and more reliable through scripting in Drafts.