Issue with notification display!? or am I doing something wrong?

Posted this on Reddit channel but never got any love!:pensive: Hopefully someone can help me here…

Have been wondering for sometime if this is an issue with the app or if I am doing something wrong… I have integrated Pushcut into a Hombridge irrigation plugin I authored - homebridge-smart-irrigation - to send notifications of some events. The notifications arrive just fine and also trigger the appropriate actions but I observe the following strange behaviour which is evident on an iPhone as well as iPad:

  1. When the notification arrives and I view it, there seems to be a lot of extra padding below the image as per below image…

  2. While viewing this notification if I turn my phone to the landscape mode, it displays as below(without padding):
    EDIT - as a new member I can only embed 1 image so I will post this in a reply to this message…

  3. If I change the phone orientation back to portrait while viewing this - the notification shows an alignment which is how I would assume it is meant to show in the first place - without the extra padding!
    EDIT - as a new member I can only embed 1 image so I will post this in a reply to this message…

Am I doing something wrong in the payload or is this an issue in the way the app displays the notification!?

This is the second image:

and finally the third:

@sliemeobn - any known layout issues with Pushcut notifications that look like the above?

hi guys, sorry for responding so late. I did see the report on reddit as well - but had no love left to give at that time :grimacing: .

it definitely looks like a bug, I’ll try to get a fix included with the next release!

Thanks for the response Simon… If indeed a bug, its only cosmetic so take your time!:slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a size limit to the payload… the amount of text particularly, that can be sent as the message body?

Remote iOS notifications cannot exceed 4 KB in size (which should be more than enough). I believe the Pushcut backend will simply truncate a message text if it gets too large - notifications THAT long won’t really make sense anyway I think…

“Philosophically” :slight_smile: if a Notification carries a payload it could be arbitrarily big. I don’t know if it would be an abuse (whatever that means) to transfer a PNG file, say, this way.

I did notice it truncates but wasn’t sure at what limit…

The use case for longer notifications might begin to make sense when you do decide to implement notification logs… if you’d like I could share screenshots of how an alternate push approach works in my case. I wouldn’t start a comparison here though, as I feel your approach serves a very interesting feature provisioning on the iOS ecosystem.

What more to add is always an open-ended topic - and some of us would like logs and bigger payloads when possible… :grinning: