Issue: PDFpen Pro 11 OCR is coming out strange

I’m wondering whether anyone else is having a similar issue.

Since PDFpen Pro 11 I’m finding a lot of my existing Hazel rules are no longer working.
I’ve been using PDFpen Pro 9 and 10 without any issues, and now suddenly all my OCR are coming out strange.

Looking at the OCR layer, I find either dates with spaces missing, or with extra spaces put in. Account numbers go from “12345 67890” to “1 2 3456 7 8 90”.
And I can’t even edit the incorrect OCR, I double click on the incorrect text, “3October 2019” and it would only highlight “October”, which is correct, but won’t let me select “3October”, or even recognise the 3 is there.

I’m not sure what’s going on, and I’m just hoping someone can tell me it’s something stupid I’ve done on my end and that there is an easy fix.

Have you raised a ticket with Smile support? It sounds like they may have done something with the OCR engine if you haven’t done anything else with the way you trigger it.

Also have you tested in the app directly rather than a Hazel triggered approach and got the same results?